Oklahoma State football is irrelevant for the foreseeable future

This football team is not very good; possibly very bad. The bad news? Next year’s team will likely be even worse. Peak Gundy is but a distant memory; the decline is nearing terminal velocity. Baylor and Oklahoma State are two programs headed in opposite directions. Texas isn’t far from being back. OU and TTU continue to improve - as has Kansas. Bowl eligibility will certainly be the goal for the next 2-3 years. This realization is tough to type, as going into today’s game, I half expected us to win. No longer. The Gundy era is over (requiescat in pace) even if it takes three more years to officially reach its fiery conclusion. It was a good run…

P.S. Are any coaches entering the transfer portal? /S


Thanks for that analysis, Ralph.

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Little premature to say next year will be worse, IMO

While I generally agree with you, the issue is that everyone seems to look at just our team and assume it will be awesome. But the other Big 12 teams around us are getting better, also. That’s what’s starting to really irk me.

Starting to understand how KU fans feel by asking the question: is it basketball season yet?


They played the hoops promo at the absolute perfect time last night on the big screen.

Where do you see us improving next year? Two fantastic skill guys will be playing in the NFL. Coaches will likely remain unchanged. The rest (seniors and NFL talent excluded) get a year older with more experience - but I’m not sure that’s enough to keep okstate from a third consecutive bottom three finish. Transfers, perhaps?