Oklahoma State Football Updates Roster for 2023 Spring

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Tight ends are tight ends again.

Unfortunate about nobles and ben. It make d line even thinner


Any reason as to why Ben K isn’t on the team anymore?

I’m ready for it after a bad finish… we will have some firepower if the OL is better. Anxious to see what the D runs

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I’d really like to see some Tight End usage this season. We’ve totally under utilized it. Not sure if getting rid of the cowboy back position is a sign or not.


Ton of safeties and wide receivers. Why???

They make good special teams guys. And we play 3 safeties on defense so depth at safety is important.

I want to know more about the missing players also. However, I’ve shaken hands and stood next to most of the O-lineman from last year and if Logan Nobles is gone its not that big of a loss. A couple of the incoming freshman are much more physically imposing and gifted than Nobles was.

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I dnt know how old you are, but ive seen alot of bad teams. Both ku and ksu in the 80’s, northwestern baylor, tcu and osu. Cal was actually pretty good just before dykes got there.
Dykes had a nice year, he has a nice year at each of his schools. Tcu has alot going.

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@bill18 you kill me. Carson did start games he was used alot and hurt alot. Jackson was our 4th string back. The same year you talk about Jackson we had a juco guy as our number 1 back. This is what i love you dnt know who our players are.

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Lol🤦‍♂️ You cut and past this thread every preseason. Same as the last ten years.

Kopenski decided not to use his Covid year and Nobles medically retired.

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Call them TIGHT ENDS, still won’t mean they’ll get a lot of passes thrown their way. :joy:

Won’t change a dang thing, probably the whole group will have 20 catches total.