Oklahoma State Freshman Corner Xavier Player Enters Transfer Portal

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A second Poke hits the portal in as many days.

Kinda impatient, isn’t he? Maybe he sees the writing on the wall as far as playing time but best wishes to the kid and everyone else in there. I didn’t get Boomer though, back home to TU to be on same team as his bro?

Despite the negatives Gundy has expressed about the transfer portal I think it should be a net positive for oSu. Gundy’s culture at oSu IMO is a perfect fit for players that are looking for a change of school. While other programs are replacing staffs every year oSu is a model of stability. Gundy’s open and honest approach may not be well suited for HS phenoms that may suffer from unrealistic expectations. Yet after a year or two at another institution players may find themselves buried on the depth chart behind NFL talent or learn the sales pitch that got them to campus didn’t materialize.

oSu has also benefited from transfers that provide experience and depth needed to offset misses in recruiting or attrition.