Oklahoma State Gauging Interest of 7-foot-3 Purdue Transfer Matt Haarms

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This would be huge for OSU, but it faces stiff competition.

Cowboys have one scholarship left but it’s to this guy, thor and countless others. Is there any way that OSU drops a scholarship elsewhere or “convinces” someone to transfer to open a 'ship

Kyle, if you think OSU has plenty of depth at the center position your fooling yourself.

IMO no shot, also not sure needed. Would hate to see him down South of here with their bib guy out of time

If he comes I am excited! I’ve seen him play a lot. He’s really good! My husband is a Purdue grad. I’d be most excited because J might be interested in watching Ok State with me with Haarms on the team! Our college basketball interests will align!

Being a dual conference family has television challenges. :laughing:

I am very gun-shy of putting Kalib at the 4. He has not shown enough perimeter skill for that to be possible. We would have no spacing for ICE and Cunningham. People would just be daring us to shoot 3’s the whole time, packing in the driving lanes.