Oklahoma State Goes Cursive Cowboys, B-B-W for Texas Tech

Originally published at: Oklahoma State Goes Cursive Cowboys, B-B-W for Texas Tech | Pistols Firing

The Cowboys are wearing a brand new combo for Big 12 home opener.

Interesting combo. Love the helmet.

I think it’ll look nice. The cursives are choice. Up there with the white 80s era oSu helmets. I also like the old school bucking bronco cowboy logo.

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I like that one as well. In fact the only helmets I haven’t liked are the grey ones and the orange helmet with the brand.

Most of them are good, I think I mentioned my distaste for little phantom Pete. Those three are just my favs.

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Unis look good. Is anyone else ready for the END of the Derek Mason era???

Pressure a young quarterback all day long. Dropping into coverage when we suck at coverage is ludicrous!!! I won’t start a ‘Fire Mason’ campaign, but I would accept his resignation at halftime.

GO POKES!!! :football: :cowboy_hat_face: :football: :cowboy_hat_face: :football:

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Wow. Let’s see if he makes adjustments at half. Knowles had some bad first halfs last year.

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The voice of reason is appreciated.

Mason has had worse second halves than first in a few games. jmho… We will soon see.


Okay… how about now?? after their first drive of the second half???

Not too crazy about Dunn at the moment either. GO POKES!!! :football: :cowboy_hat_face: :football: :cowboy_hat_face:

I think that there is a fundamental reason for Auburn’s willingness to part with Mason. That same trait was undoubtedly part of his limited success as a head coach. Journeyman coaches always seem to have a philosophical flaw that becomes apparent sooner or later. jmho…

We need to stop forcing touches to Bray. Not the time.


Did we forget about Green?

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Then he goes and gets the 2pt. Still need to stop. Clearly designing too many calls for him when Green has been playing well.


I feel like not getting the TD after that INT is going to come back and bite us in the arse.

Absolutely agree. Seems we have changed the whole scheme to get away from who got us here just because Bray is healthy. Not Bray’s fault, but a huge hole in coaching character. Just because your ‘crush’ finally showed up to the dance, you don’t forget about the girl that has been dancing with you since the start, even if you do save your crush dance or two.

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I understand wanting to get him some touches, but would be better if we had a lead and a but of a cushion.

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We do seem to be forcing quicker decisions by the Tech offense… at least… finally!!

Someone remind Gundy that we do NOT need to play the clock yet!!! hehehehehe

Three straight stops. Don’t jinx us, though.

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:football: :sunglasses: …sorry… lol

Tell us how good that offensive line is.