Oklahoma State Guard Avery Anderson Enters Transfer Portal

Originally published at: Oklahoma State Guard Avery Anderson Enters Transfer Portal | Pistols Firing

The first domino in the transfer portal has fallen.

After 4 years under Boynton, Anderson has seen the writing on the wall. I’m sure Boone and others will follow.


■■■■ I wanted Avery to stick around another year. We need a portal PG badly.


Good luck and thank you.
Doesn’t surprise me and more will follow.

He knows Boynton is a loser. Get ready for another crap team next year.

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Is there any chance we’ve offered Max Abmas from ORU? Or has he been picked up already?

Not disappointed at all. Avery was a turnover machine. How many games had he won us? Maybe two but he sure lost us a lot more.


I’d do some dirty things to get him.

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Boynton needs to go based on that logic.

Just read a thing on CBS. We had the smallest recruiting expenditure of any P5 school. That has to change, can’t compete at the highest level and not spend any money.


The biggest whiners on all college blogs donate the least.

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Just saw this article. Wow. What the hell is going on? There is no way we can’t afford to spend the same amount as a majority of the P5. Is this OSU being stingy or Gundy not bothering to recruit hard which ends up saving them money? Either way it’s a big ■■■■ problem.