Oklahoma State Hires Tim Rattay as Quarterbacks Coach

Originally published at: https://pistolsfiringblog.com/oklahoma-state-hires-tim-rattay-as-quarterbacks-coach/

Mike Gundy hired a new QB coach.

So unless a miracle happens and Moken comes back, this would mean Dunn is going to be the OC right?


I think this points more towards Dunn being the OC. He’s a WR coach not a QB coach and if you’re hiring a QB coach it’s probably because the new OC doesn’t coach QB’s.


Agree w/ ty14. Think this confirms Dunn will be OC. Wondering who’s gonna be playcaller. If it’s Gundy we’re doomed!

Looks like the WR Coach will also be the OC. Zzz what a drag,& not a bold move by Gundy

I can’t think of any reason Dunn would’ve changed his mind about UNLV to begin with if he wasn’t in line to be OC.

All we ever had from Monken was one tiny Canadian flag tweet, and our imagination ran away with us.

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I am not saying its not but gundy may just be setting up for monken to worry bout getting offense back and going. Thats all u have to worry about.

If Dunn is good enough for Aroyo, then he’s good enough for me!

The fact that this post has been up nearly 20 hours and there are only seven comments speaks volumes (crickets!) regarding this hire. Where did HCMG pull this from?

I think we were dreaming of Monken calling plays in Stillwater