Oklahoma State Lands Arkansas State Cornerback Kenneth Harris Via Transfer Portal

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The portal taketh away; the portal giveth.

Not bad . Another year osu coaching. Taller.

By my account we only have 3 scholarships. Still a lot of players on the wish list.

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Hopefully a solid replacement for Jabbar.


Lol. I’m sure there are still some FCS players that are looking for homes. “No need to panic”

Easy picking aging for the (Gundy) smartest man in the room lol. Can’t wait to see his 7 win season next year.

Showing your knowledge. Name an fcs school

You fierce up there Roberto? Lol.

There’s no hope for gundy. Just going to sit back and watch his decline.

Did you use the wrong word. But yes im as fierce as a lion. Lol

I love the guys on here that think their genius but dnt know what words mean

At least gundy knows whatan fcs school is and simple words mean.
Your batting 1000. 2 post 2 wrong post

Gundy puts 0 effort and gives orders to go get kids from places like this to make sure he can secure warm body’s instead of getting guys that have proven themselves in good leagues. Gundy = Garvey train.

I use words that are not the rite one to drive gurls like you crazy. Yes i had a typo.

It still does change you have no idea what words mean.

Money players recruits debate prediction…etc

You have to watch he’s demise with me😉. Get your popcorn ready. He gets out recruited for highschool kids and is getting thrashed in the the portal as well. Find the door gundy because it’s opening as we speak.

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Money players? He couldn’t get them before they were money players Roberto! You should come out from under that rock every once in awhile.

As of know were 7th in transfer. With 2 4 stars. Yes the lb is basically a 4 star he is 1 ten thousandth away. In away you can under stand. He is .8900 , 4 star is 8901.

We havent got ratings from 5 of them i bet if we get numbers they will all be high then their hs.

Time will tell like always

You really think we need a coach that deliberately goes after guys that the rest of the teams that win at a high level don’t go after? You think this will produce what?

What’s funny is if ou got all these guys you would be laughing and poking fun at them as you should and every other team that has a logo BUT, you talk them up because gundy got them. Sad Roberto


Sad lol your the one crying. Pathetic jeff

This is mediocre mike at his best. He couldn’t win the conference if he got to pick from the NFL.