Oklahoma State Lands at No. 9 in Final CFP Ranking

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The Cowboys finish with their highest final CFP ranking.

Let’s finish the season strong so our rankings for next year starting out is strong. Gundy you’ve got a lot to fix on offense next year. Let’s either install the personal for pro style or get the rpo system fully installed. If we are still having offensive line trouble for either system next year we are gonna still be having the same issues again and skirting bye.

It’s not just the line. But joe did do a nice job for the most part. That Baylor ng got the better of him.
We got to fine a bunch of running backs. Do they sell them at Walmart by the dozen.
How are we going to replace malcolm and Harper.

We’ve got some good looking guys coming in on the O-line.

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All Mike Gundy propaganda. Blah blah blah. Yesterday’s loss was the worst in program’s history. Total unprepared and outcoached. The buck stops with “Goaline Gundy.” This program will never reach the next level. You might as well get use to it. Oh yeah, you have for the last 16 seasons.

Thats funny Johnson had 2 goaline stand go wrong against a San Diego state.
U guys act like this was jimmy Johnson person top ten but could get better then 3rd.

Mike Gundy teams consistently ranked in the top 25, yet plenty of people on here constantly bash him. Mike Boynton teams rarely ranked in the top 25, yet he receives virtually no criticism. For the record I like both coaches, but Gundy gets treated worse than he should. 11-2 is a great season. The players and coaches fought hard all season and I’m proud of them.

Glad to see another cowboy win on tour today.