Oklahoma State Lands Juco QB as Potential Spencer Sanders Backup

Originally published at: https://pistolsfiringblog.com/oklahoma-state-lands-juco-qb-as-potential-spencer-sanders-backup/

OSU lands its second QB in this class.

Really hard to hold back my enthusiasm for this pick. Are you seriously telling me this is the best we could do? Im sorry, but this is pathetic. Are they even trying to recruit good players?

Now imagine covering it …

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What about Costello?

He gone.

I thought we signed a 2 sport guy. He is a pitcher and probably gone in 2 years. But his scholarship counted towards football and would be here this fall. He is not on 247 sports as recruit. Did we lose him?

Similar rating (2 Star) as Dru Brown out of HS.

Looking at his mop of hair I really think the head coach needs to set an example by getting rid of the mullet and maybe this new QB who will never set foot on the field will follow suit and get his hair cut. There used to be a barbershop next to Hideaway Pizza 50 years ago. If it is still there someone should direct Gundy and his new QB over there.

Shane will make his way to QB1 very quickly. Still don’t think Sanders throws well enough to run our offense.

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Wish oSu still ran an offense that didn’t take an NFL arm to move the ball.