Oklahoma State Launching Subscription-Based Streaming Service OSU Max

Originally published at: https://pistolsfiringblog.com/oklahoma-state-launching-subscription-based-streaming-service-osu-max/

OSU is taking fans behind the scenes with some new-age media.

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Forward thinking but no mention of streaming live events. Would love to cancel ESPN+ and support OSU Max if I can stream tier III content as well.


That’s exactly what I thought it would before I read this but doesn’t look like it. ESPN+ can suck it.

The problem with living in BFE is I don’t have access to high speed internet. I have a wifi connection that is unbelievably slow. On a good day I’m lucky to have 3mbs speed and that’s $44 a month. Maybe Brandon will bring infrastructure wifi to rural Kansas.


This is the future. Build the platform; stress-test it; and then live streaming events will follow. My guess is they start out with some spring action – baseball, softball and tennis.

And, yes, I’ll be subscribing.

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No wifi but he will take ur guns and diesel tractors so u can have gangs take ur chickens and u can buy a 200 000 tractor. Go Brandon.
Do u have a electric cord long to charge ur tractor after 4 hours of work.

U in the flint hills. We use Hugh it not bad wifi.

I’m north of u. Top of Montgomery Co.
U can get" hot spot "on ur cell fone. They work good if u get cell service. Lot cheaper then any other way.

Up on the hill before u get to the river on 400.
Well I said smart but if u have a fire stick or something like it a hot spot would run it. Being play it should have a USB? Yea if u had a updated tv u could project to ur :tv:. Watch the game on the big screen.

No but mite have been my dad?
I’m 52 dad is 90

Which time :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
I dnt leave the home stead much . So if it was recently it wasn’t me. I have been anywhere since August

I’m deleting out so Joey can’t track us down.

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Do have anything that says oSu outside? I need to go put hay out. Are you on the east side of the road?

No not outside the house alot inside.
There is a new guy over on 4700. He is a mile east of me that may be the guy.

We were talking about the Barbers cows and fence.

Yea we have a women barber on my road section. But for the life of me I dnt know who it could be.
There was a cow in the pond about a month ago. But those guys rent, the owner is a character

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I will try and track you down one of these days and bring cold beer. :slight_smile:

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Mite bring 2 I get parished talking.

Are you on twitter? Look me up.

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