Oklahoma State Moves Back into Top 10 in Latest AP Ranking

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The Cowboys climbed one spot after their dominant win in Morgantown.

I thought we would move up 1 or 2 more spots. :thinking:

It’s about where we should be IMO. Also, there’s the whole thing of the AP/Coaches poll not even mattering at this point. We should be 10 in the CFP rankings, maybe higher if the committee wants to punish MSU. I don’t think they will, though, because then they’d have to bump down Michigan too, to be consistent with the head to head ranking of Oregon over tOSU.

10 in the CFP sounds about right, until we win Bedlam (assuming the goons haven’t already dropped one by then).

So OSU wins the next two, OU wins the next two and Bedlam is guaranteed for the Big 12 championship regardless of who wins Thanksgiving weekend, right??

I agree with your point. I guess when the carnage was taking place yesterday I thought we would see more benefit in the rankings. I was very happy Baylor lost. OSU has a pretty good shot to finally play for a conference title.

Yes, that’s the way I understand it. In that scenario everyone besides OSU and OU would have 3 or more conference losses.

Yes. As long as ISU and Baylor have 3 losses and we don’t choke a game these next two weeks we get double bedlam no matter what.

I was hoping baylor went undefeated the rest of the way till they played OU.