Oklahoma State Moves Up to No. 7 in College Football Rankings

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Bedlam will be a Top 10 matchup.

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The path is there. Stay locked in this weekend and go fuucking walk that path.

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I hope we win the Big 12 championship and go 12-1. I think we are better than ND. I just think if it comes down to spot #4 the committee is going to find any possible way to screw us just so they can get that ND logo into the playoff.

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If we take care of business this week, we’ll definitely jump one, but could possibly jump ahead of Notre Dame too.

Baylor and OU being in the top 10 helps us a lot I think. ND has like 1 good win.

I think we could easily jump Notre Dame. Cincinnati is the team I’m worried about. Hopefully Georgia beats Bama then Cincy and a 1 loss Big 12 champion can easily get in. Just win baby!!!

Just take care of business Saturday.

I’ll give you the exact “official” reason the committee will give for putting Notre Dame over OSU: Notre Dame has the better loss against Cincinnati vs. our loss against an Iowa State teams that probably be 7-5.
I say “official” because we know what the real reason will be: Notre Dame is a blue blood and we’re not.


Ohio state beats Michigan, they drop behind us.
We win out beating 2 top 10 teams in an 8 day span, OSU should move above Notre Dame who’s best win is Wisconsin. Only issue is how bad does Georgia need to beat bama to drop them from 3 to 5?

We gotta really come aggressive out and take care business this weekend first before we even think about the playoffs. Nothing conservative or scaredness from Gundy. Play like we have something to lose. I don’t want to play OU 2x either even to win the big 12 championship game. As a former football player we tell the coaches vibe and what they are feeling. Let’s do this Coach Gundy! Let’s get some respect by a win on OU.


That’s the point I was getting at.

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It’s fun to imagine what’ll happen to get us to the CFP. This is a great team that deserves to be there. But everyone needs to understand the situation. This is Mike Gundy. He’ll lose to OU twice by playing scared. He does it every year. It’s automatic.

We’ll run the ball 50 times
We’ll throw 20 times to the sideline
We’ll run the clock out with 2:30 left in the half down by 3
We’ll miss field goals on 4 and 2 from the 30

And we’ll have a bunch of bad calls go against us.

We are a lot better than them so we should win. I hope I’m wrong, but there’s too much history.

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I don’t think this game is going to be that close and shouldn’t if our offense play’s good. In Jim knowels we trust!!!

If we win out, and we should… it will need to be with statements made. It needs to be where the CFP committee has no choice but to include us. We were deprived of a chance for a NC in 2011. It shouldn’t happen again. If we win out we will have wins against 2 top 10 teams and three teams that were in the top 25 when played. Show me any other teams that can claim that and not be included.
(But really, should Texas have ever been in the top 25?)