Oklahoma State Moves Up to No. 8 in AP Top 25 Following Arizona State Win

Originally published at: Oklahoma State Moves Up to No. 8 in AP Top 25 Following Arizona State Win | Pistols Firing

The Cowboys survived Upset Saturday and climbed into the Top 10.

Personally right now I think we’re a better team than OU and Clemson. I’ve not seen anything from them that makes me think they’re guaranteed a victory against us if we met on the field today. USC looks pretty good offensively, but they have some big problems on defense. Most of the turnovers they’ve forced this season have been from missed catches and snatched out of the air.


Clemson has no business being in the top 5.

Agree. The worst thing about rankings is how little they shift with data because preconceived opinions have to be thoroughly debunked. We have done more than OU and Clemson. To be fair, I think Arkansas has a case to be above us having beaten a playoff team and a conference opponent. Texas getting ranked off a loss is ridiculous.

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I don’t know. If it happened with OSU would we think it’s ridiculous? I’m not so sure they should be ranked, but losing by 1 point to perhaps the most prestigious college football school in history on essentially a last second field goal seems kind of impressive to me. Considering they’re a team that went 5-7 and gave up 57 points to Kansas last season.

Speaking of Kansas. I think that is starting to look like the surprise team of the Big 12 this season. Unless WV just absolutely sucks balls this season and Pitt was way overrated.


Yeah. I’ve said I though Leipold might be the guy with KU.

Yes, I would think it was ridiculous, but it would also never happen. What happened after we played FSU close the year after they won the NC? I don’t remember, but I’m guessing a small drop.

We will see if Texas deserves to be ranked when they play OK State.
I think only our defensive line should be ranked in the top ten so far. Overall, the team has not played like a top ten team yet, especially after playing 2 mediocre teams. By mid-Oct. we should get a better idea where we should be ranked. Baylor game will give us a clue. OU often starts off not so good and then is much better the rest of the season. So that’s another wait and see team.

Kansas is looking like a decent team right now. Sure, they’re not Big 12 contenders but they’re not the automatic W they’ve been in year’s past. Obviously, its’ early in the season, but so far, you gotta tip your hat to them. If Kansas were to end up being a bowl team, then Leipold should be the favorite to win coach of the year.


This will sound stupid, but unless Kansas has a few injuries, they look kinda scary right now.


I watched the BYU Baylor game. I was surprised they tried to play smash mouth and wear down BYU by running the ball. Have they lost confidence in their QB? The announcers mentioned his decision making is suspect. If true I feel better about playing them.

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I think they will certainly air the ball against us after watching the CMU game. Their QB will then look like a Heisman candidate. I’m still in a state of grief about losing all the great players we had last season.
Nice to see Warren playing for Steelers this afternoon. They made a mistake not throwing to him late in the game, he was open a lot. I guess they don’t trust rookies.

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Overall the B12 teams look pretty good including Kansas. Looks like there are trap games through out the whole schedule this year. I don’t think anyone is going to come out of the regular season undefeated. I think that there is a real good chance that at least one of the two teams making it to the CC will have 2 losses.


We have not exactly put either team away early and not were close longer than it should have been. Haven’t seen any consistency through either game on offense really. We struggled with this since Dunn has been OC. Not sure what to make out of this team.