Oklahoma State Needs an Opponent for 2020, Here are Some Possibilities

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Bama? Auburn? The U? All available.

If I was Gundy, I would want to keep an open date on the 26th to prep and be injury free going into the game at TCU on 10/3.

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I’d take any of these schools. It’s not like we are rescheduling from USC. We are rescheduling from Oregon State! Like every team listed had a better record than

The will be no college football this season. Resign yourselves to this. This nation needs to go back into shutdown mode to fight COVID 19. Football? Are you kidding me?

Only you would be afraid of a skateboard joe…

There is a way to fight the virus and still have college football. Too much money is at stake. You need to resign yourself to this.

Everyone mask up!

I love Auburn, VA Tech, and UNC. I agree that we should move the schedule to give us a week before TCU, especially given our troubles in B12 openers.

Can’t wait for the season!

If I’m being attacked by both sides with a knife and a skateboard. Who wouldn’t be? I would be even more afraid if a man pulled a gun on me and starting popping off rounds.