Oklahoma State No. 11 in Preseason Coaches Poll

I find satisfaction in the bit of research and logical thinking needed to respond to certain claims made on this forum. :beers:

Lol i tend to agree but facts tend to escape some. But the all genius in there mothers eye

You know what is reliable metric for performance? Seeing how many wins a coach has in rival, championship, and major bowl games.

It’s “All the genius in their mother’s eye”. Stop trying to act smart.

I’ll count that as a win. You are agreeing that the preseason Coaches Poll is not a reliable metric for performance.

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So what do you think is a reliable metric then? 3-14, 1-4, or 2-1? Remember this is over 17 years.

Executive level contracts and performance reviews are complex. The general approach starts by understanding we are dealing with highly experienced and highly skilled adults. There are very few times where this looks like a traditional boss to employee relationship, where the boss is telling the employee what to do. Doesn’t work at this level. If you’ve chosen the right executive, they are at their core very interested in success (intrinsically motivated). They also have big egos and are often highly sought after.

All that said, the organization has a set of performance elements sometimes called a balanced scorecard. Such as:

Elements of Performance:
Consistency in winning program

AD tracks the various stakeholders and areas of expected performance. Frequently meets with school president, donors, media, players, assistant coaches, former players, and many others. Keeps ongoing track of HC in a balanced scorecard manner, much of which is a subjective sense of overall commitment to high levels of performance in each scorecard item. At beginning of the year, AD and Gundy have a conversation about the past year and the upcoming year. Discuss any areas where AD wants to see improvement. Make agreements about upcoming year: what to maintain and what to improve. Some of these are numerically measurable. Some are not, but rather more subjective. End of year, review the agreements and elements of performance. Repeat.

You are leaving out the fact that many of these Coaches delegate the picking duty to someone on their admin staff, so in many cases you aren’t getting the Coaches opinion but instead just someone’s in their organization.

Yes. And I also left out much of the performance conversation is two-ways. For example: Coach, what do you need from the organization in order to keep building our brand at the national level? A rational adult conversation follows, and reasonable agreements are made.