Oklahoma State Offensive Lineman Tyrese Williams Has Entered the Transfer Portal

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A fourth Cowboy O-lineman has entered the portal.

Is there a reason we can’t hold onto players on arguably the worst positions we have on offense? If we have players transferring because they can’t get playing time ahead of our current offensive line then we might have some real problems.

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Agree. I am worried. Hope to hear some good news soon!

4 linemen in the portal and 2 lost to grad. Yikes. losing them faster than we can replace them too.

Maybe he left because he is in his 4th year and both Sills and Godlevske had injuries this year and he still could not earn a start. I wish him well, but he was not good enough.


He’s been here long enough to having more playing time than he does. Don’t think he would have started next year unless it’s center. Three years and no progress, maybe he was told it would have been unlikely he started next year

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The Transfer Portal works both ways. This gives athletes a chance to improve their opportunity to find a place they can start and our team’s ability to get a better quality player. Jalen Warren-Tay Martin Danny Godlevske. We should be looking to improve our quality of player. I just feel sorry for the guys that are going to get stuck in portal and the high school kids left out.

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This is an opportunity. The O-linemen that have exited weren’t starting and weren’t really providing a lot of depth as back-ups. Yet, they were holding scholarships.


Well it seems #66 Michalski passed him as he started at C when Godlevske was injured.

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Weird. Three or four years with little to no progress from the QB or OL. Watched the defense over the last three years turn into one of the best in the country and school history.

I just hope we can get players that are at least G5 D1 worthy. Doesn’t do any good to replace our D1 lineman leaving for lineman that weren’t even good enough to get a scholarship from the G5 schools.

Another one bites the dust. We need to stack the depth and quick. Maybe this will give us a chance in the portal to get us some guys with experience and more talent for the offensive line side of this. I hate we are losing on the offensive line but maybe this might be a blessing and opportunity to bring in better talent.

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Joey to say Sanders hasn’t improved in not exactly true and you know it. How many games did Sanders win because of his mobility and throwing on the run , granted he had 2 bad games against Baylor yet we still won one of them. We get a quality line he will be even better. You just ragging on the O…. Our offense will be better than the D next year, mark it down

He’s improved to what? A sophomore level and is going to be a RS senior next season? We’ve seen what happens when his coaches and offensive line doesn’t help him out. That I don’t fault him for.

Thank God we had the best defense we’ve seen in probably 40 years or longer at OSU this past season.

Our offensive line has proven the last eight years they can’t make a push when we have an average running back. Could you imagine what our line would look like without Sander’s mobility? Looks to me like Gundy and Dickey have a huge player development problem going on on the offensive line. At least the defense has proven they can get better over time.

Who was the MVP of the Fiesta Bowl?
Sanders had 496 yards offense.

Sanders 37t run was a crucial part of Bedlam, as was the second half defense. Ultimately who are grading Sanders if OSU wins the B12 or not. 12-2 and beating Texas, OU and Notre Dame is a great season. You will always point fingers and blame. I hope you don’t treat your kids that way.

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These Olinemen going to the portal will only help us get better through the portal. None were going to get significant playing time. Replacing the two backers will be tough. Defense won’t be what it was this year. I still think Sanders will be better next year. Running back is lacking and we need a go to guy like Tay, but I think one will emerge

I didn’t say the guy was absolutely worthless. However, you can tell when his coaches and offensive line restrict what he can do. Just take a look at the Big 12 title game. It’s crazy not to use the dude’s legs behind this offensive line. Kudos to Gundy and Dunn for finally figuring that out in the Fiesta Bowl.

I teach my kids to be responsible and accountable for their actions. Hopefully some of the offensive coaches (and the HC) can learn from my children’s example one day instead of blaming their own players for everything.

It’s not if we are trying to convince guys not good enough for the G5 schools to come to OSU.

I actually don’t mind going after those FCS guys. The way I see it most of the guys in the portal are 1 of 2 things, high recruits that didn’t pan out and aren’t good enough to play at their current schools or guys at small schools who are out performing their high school ranking and looking to play for a bigger school. I would rather take the guy who is actually getting playing time and performing than the guy who was ranked highly but is transferring because he can’t get any playing time.

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I would rather take a guy from Alabama or some blue blood program transferring for lack of playing time instead of a guy starting at the FCS level.