Oklahoma State Offers 2025 In-State Quarterback Shaker Reisig

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Reisig’s recruiting is just taking off.

Quick release and good arm strength, but weird side arm throwing motion. At only 6ft Id be worried about his passes getting batted down at the college level, especially if Gundy does actually implement more under-center looks as he said he was going to.

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Can’t remember the last time a local QB getting this much D1 offers. I have a feeling he’ll end up going out of state like most touted high school players. Good for him.

Games changed enough for a 6ft QB these days, I understand what your saying. I prefer a mobile QB. Huge fan of the rpo and option read style attack.


The offers are nice but nothing that call to go out of state. If we get the kid out of California we will only be playing these kids a year. Itll be tuff to do that in today.

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I forgot about him, Does Gundy have anything other sons in highschool playing football? I swear I seen something about one of them on some sports headline.

His completion percentage and accuracy is impressive. But his tendency to thread the needle passing between 2 defenders will not work in college.
It would be great to get him as we all wait for the second coming of a Brandon Weeden or Rudolph Mason type. Until then, we are just a mediocre team.