Oklahoma State Offers Four-Star Offensive Lineman TJ Shanahan

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Oklahoma State offered his brother last week.

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Would be a nice get but we need a good transfer right now.

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His brother, we all ready offered him

Welp, if he is as good as the guys we have had the last 11years then we don’t want him.

I don’t mind having him. I just want to know if we ever plan on developing them? Everyone wants to give Boynton chit for underdeveloped talent and ignore what’s going on with our offensive line.

Weird how our best offensive lineman besides Jenkins over the last few years have transferred in from other schools. That should give you an idea how good we’ve been at developing lineman since 2013. What do we have to show for it? One 2nd round draft pick in the last 12 years.

Then they wonder why we can’t protect the QB or make a push at the line with an average running back if needed? What did they do when Jackson didn’t get the touchdown? They blamed him!!! Not a word about how chitty the OL was in the run game the entire time!!!

Brothers like the opportunity to experience games, college, and have family be able to watch.

Another lineman in the portal. What the hell is the offensive staff doing??