Oklahoma State Offers Four-Star Running Back Quinten Joyner

Originally published at: https://pistolsfiringblog.com/oklahoma-state-offers-four-star-running-back-quinten-joyner/

OSU is just his ninth D1 offer.

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Not much wiggle to him. Looks like he has leaned on his speed to get to wear h wants to get. Could be a nice player.

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If the o’line can block

I’d like for us to get another Warren with a tad bit more speed and less injuries. My wish list. Would say another Barry but that’s once in a life time. Or a Dantrel Savage. Oh yea.

Another Chris Carson would be nice with a Kendal hunter as a change of pace.

I would like to see a big bruiser come in as a running back. The kind of player that delivers punishing blows that result in a reluctance to tackle as the game goes along. Like 235-240 range with speed.