Oklahoma State Offers Highly Touted Texas Gunslinger Garrett Nussmeier

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Nussmeier has quite the offer list.

More like a rocket

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Now they need him out for a few vists

I’d rather see Costello throwing behind 5 4-star linemen.

And this slinger wanted by the best teams would choose OSU over any of the rest, why???
I keep trying to wonder how OSU football can upgrade their recruiting success while remaining a mediocre program overall? To recruit the best you have to play like one of the best teams. But to play like one of the best teams you have to have some of the best players. It’s like needing experience for a certain job that you want but no one will hire you in order to get that experience. Maybe a miracle season this year can create an upgrade in recruiting. If you want more of the standout kids from Texas as recruits then you have to beat OU. That is where it starts.

Hire his brother to be Chief Equipment Manager Overseer Guy.