Oklahoma State Offers Pair of 2024 Running Backs

Related to what joy , the qb is related to the rbs and the wr … get a life joy, Gundy doesn’t get it fixed he’s on the hot seat. I know you like that but I’m betting he fixes it. You know why the OL went south, injuries, injuries !!! That’s it if you can comprehend that

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Where did you see where I was blaming Gundy when I was speaking about Dickey? No wonder neither the admins or posters take you seriously.

Yes. It’s called a team and everyone has a specific role on that team. Normally, when everyone does what they’re supposed to consistently, everything works out fine. A little bit like having an offensive line that can open a hole for a running back. How is that relation for you? Fairly simple concept, isn’t it?

Dude poster take me serious. You woukd still think we have no offers for lineman twice. I gave you info so you can be a big gurl now.

Your the joke. Read your post. If it wasnt for me and @michael13 making funny of you, no one talks to you.

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I watched Dom keep running head down into a pile all year without a thought of maybe trying to bounce it outside all year, Ollie had fumbles early till the last 5-6 games. The topic was recruiting RBs not linemen. You always bring the OL up in a basketball post, when you rarely comment outside a football post🤠

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I said we need to increase offers. If we have a transfer or disciplinary issue when it comes to the offensive line then there are definitely two things that should probably happen:

  1. Increase your quota for lineman every season.

  2. Tell Dickey to hit the road and find a coach that is able to avoid these type of issues.

When? Where have I posted complaining about the offensive line on a basketball forum since joining? Please show me.

Bill we got 7 line man 4 are freshman coming in this year.

So are next line coach will be a witch doctor that carries a gun. Nice.

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You moron you know when “ you joined” as do many on here. You’ve been here since day one , an OSU troll joy

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Good. Now let’s pray we can hold onto them.

Yes I do. I joined in October. Now go find where I’ve posted about football things on a basketball forum or just drop it altogether.

That’s your other account joy, I don’t need to dig it up Every word , phrase is the same old joy.