Oklahoma State Offers Pair of 2024 Running Backs

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OSU offered a pair of backs who put up big numbers as juniors.

Both have alot of yards. Long time.

Does baylor even recruit connelly

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Offensive lineman anyone?

Just kids that need 24 mounts to sniff the field and put enough weight on them.

Who got Kobe Black and why not us?

No one has him. In class of 24. 5 star almost .99 he will not becoming here.

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Ive answer this before. We have 9 offers out. And were told you where to get that info

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Based on the nature of the ability to recruit, develop, and sustain lineman we probably should increase that to about 14 at a bare minimum. I’m all for getting some good running backs but I’m more concerned that they don’t get tackled at the line of scrimmage.

Im sure by next December will have 30 offers out

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Same old joy, can’t stay on the subject at hand without derogatory remarks on the OL , coaches , petal. Dam i would hate to be his miserable self

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Why do you say he won’t come here ?

Like any other 5 star he has offers from all the bb.
I know he has been here alot amd likes it. Not sure if brotherly love is enough

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Probably same as Dax

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Tell me what a majority of the people on here have been complaining about for the last ten years when it comes to the OSU offense? It’s not the QB, RB, or WR. If PFB set up a poll today in what’s been the biggest issue with the offense the last decade I’m willing to bet an overwhelming majority would say offensive line. That’s not bad mouthing the players or the coaches. That’s called speaking the truth Michael.

We’ve had four offensive line coaches since Wickline left (one coach every 2.25 years). That obviously has an effect on how our line is recruited, developed, and sustained. So far, Dickey is the longest tenured one. I could b1tch and complain all day long about injuries, NIL, and the transfer portal but at the end of the day he’s not getting the job done. Averaging 3.6 yards per carry should be grounds for getting canned at OSU, and not retained. Maybe that’s not all his fault but he has a major part in it. You can pay someone else nearly $600,000 a year and get better results.

You forgot guys who have retired and got kicked of.
So far you have mention nil, injuries and portal every day buy responding. So like the lil train, you can do it. Pathetic billy

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That wasn’t the subject being discussed joy, RB were the topic yet like usual you find a way to insert something else. That is narcissism to me right joy. At least you haven’t changed

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And it’s also the responsibility of the coach to know what kind of players he’s bringing into the program as well. If he even has a hint on the recruiting trail that a player isn’t going to fit the system or the way the program is ran then he should find some other options. Having some lineman is better than not having any at all. I don’t have a problem with Dickey finding a G5 player that’s proven his worth (which he did in this portal cycle). If that’s one point of strategy you have to use to keep sustainment of your offensive line then do it. I’m just tired of hearing the excuses of why our line sucks or why we can’t have lineman.

Actually it is related to the topic. How on earth do you think more running backs are going to help if they get tackled at the line of scrimmage? We already have enough of them. Maybe get to the root of the cause first?

Evidently you haven’t paid attention to what’s been brought in through the portal or HS recruits joy. No you just blast away :joy: givd it a break , spring ball doesn’t start for another month or so

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So when you tear up the place on a sleep over its your moms fault.

Yes blame gundy.

You still didnt distract enough for me to forget why you post to me.

You said you dnt cry, but you do it every day. Lol your a moron

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