Oklahoma State Offers SMU Offensive Line Commit Quinton Harris

Dude you are so right, but if Dickey doesn’t get it figured out Gundy’s team will be same as the last 7 years. We all know how happy you have been with Gundy the last 7 years, so it doesn’t matter, right?

Left guard did they even trust u to pull.
I’m Joey I block the guy coming at me.

Yes they did. Because we had a coach that fit the playbook to the strengths of the players. We didn’t run slow progression plays and we actually threw it over the middle as well. We also had more than four plays in the play book.

It’s actually quite amazing what happens when you evaluate and analyze the strengths of a team and put a plan together to make them successful.

Fun fact is the coach that had been there for 19 years only won only a district title once and went to the state semi finals one time because he ran the same offense over and over again.

The incoming coach installs a new offense (Air Raid) to fit the players to more of speed instead of strength because we’re typically smaller than most. In just three seasons he already wins a district title and sends us to the semi-finals.

It’s crazy how much better a coach can make a team by just changing a few things.

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I’m Roberto I can’t read the number on the guy coming at me.

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U really are an idiot. Next ur going to say the kids got worse too. It’s all about gundy
We ran the same offense for years never had troubles going to state.
There are a ton of schools that go to state every once in a while. It’s when they get a good class or 2 coming through.

Then I would say Gundy probably needs to do a better job at recruiting then if his coaching isn’t getting it done.

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I guess I’ll give you a couple of hints. There is a player from Oklahoma that’s on the OSU roster. I’m from the same school that he is.

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