Oklahoma State Offers SMU Offensive Line Commit Quinton Harris

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Harris committed to the Mustangs in June.

Sound like we’re getting desperate. But there big and hope they can be coached. Lil late on this it happen in june?

The key word on you’re statement is “hope”. You shouldn’t have to hope that a coach that’s been around as long as Gundy has can get an OL coach to recruit a decent offensive lineman to prevent the QB from getting hammered on slow progression plays, or make a half yard push to create a hole for the running back. No wonder we’ve only had two offensive lineman drafted in the last 12 years.

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Look I know u try ur best to be smart, but u can change nature. Once an idiot always. Schools like Auburn have no oline recruits. When u can actually find a thing that 129 teams do better then u can do ur crying.

SMU and Louisiana tech? LOL got to love when we try to steal recruits from the likes of these schools. Things are looking bright for us!!! Go pokes!

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So now Charlie dickey isn’t a good coach?

You putting words in my mouth?

Since he became the coach in 2019:

2019 season:

Sacks Allowed- 96th (Even Kansas did better)

Penalties Per Game- 96th

Rushing Offense- 46th

Tackles for Loss Allowed- 101st (Even Kansas did better)

Fewest Penalty Yards Per Game- 115th (Kansas was 73rd)

2020 season:

Sacks allowed- 80th

Penalties Per Game- 86th (Kansas was 52nd)

Rushing offense- 45th

Tackles for Loss Allowed- 102nd

Fewest Penalty Yards Per Game- 71st (Kansas was 39th)

I don’t know. Does this pass as a good offensive line coach for you? Maybe he was at one point of time, but I haven’t really seen it much the past couple of seasons.

I’m willing to see what he does this season since it’s only his third season here. If he’s here for three more seasons and we continue to see this trend then he should probably go.

About the most he has going for him right now is a 2nd rounder in the NFL. I’ll be fair and give him that at least.

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Okay your right, one of the best developers at that position is terrible after 3 years but sure I’ll go with your 2019 and 20 stats, also factor in injuries to, you keep forgetting this isn’t Norman

If you want to blame Josh Henson then blame Mike Gundy for not having Josh Henson recruit better lineman.

Joe Wickline didn’t recruit high caliber lineman and still found a way to have solid offensive lines consistently when he was at OSU.

This is exactly what I’m talking about. Every time an OSU coach fails to do something it’s always someone else’s fault. The difference with Dickey here is that he’s going into his 3rd season so I’m cutting him a break. It’s not like he’s in season seventeen and refused to adapt the changes of college football.

Dude did u even play sports?


You probably don’t even know how to put a set of shoulder pads on hand

Yes I did.

Dickey was coaching the weakest position on the team last year. You can make excuses but still fact.

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Really I thought that was qb.
It’s not making excuses if half ur 2 deep line is gone after the first half of the first game. Just more blah blah blah.
Gundy gundy gundy. Did that clam u down Joey

Lmao kicker or punter?

Dude nobody here cares about your opinion, literally no one go tend to that ranch you supposedly have with no tractors

Left Guard