Oklahoma State Offers Stanford Running Back Transfer Nathaniel Peat

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Peat had an 87-yard TD run against USC this past season.

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What happened to Middleton?

I like the 87t….but why didn’t he get more carries the rest of the season? Injury?

Time will tell…

Anyone know anything else about him or seen and video highlights? I wish we could get another Keith Toston, Herschel Simms, Kendall Hunter, or a Dantrell Savage type player or Like Warren but just a tad bit faster.

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I was kinda really super pumped up about next season. But now other than the D.C position and Offensive line now running back has me worried. At least we got a great receiving corps and know we can still run air raid but we can’t just be one dimensional. Hoping we land someone that can be a threat.


I am 5-11 and weigh 7 lbs less than this guy. Although I ran for 404 less yards than him last year I still have 4 yrs of eligibility left at oSu not counting Covid and have been training for 42 years. (I went to oSu in the 70’s) Jim Stanley was coach. So let me know if Dom Richardson, Jaden Nixon, Zach Middleton, Ollie Gordon or C J Brown go down, I’ll be ready! Go Pokes!!!


As our oline and dline goes, so will go our season. jmho… The difference between a good back and a great one is getting first downs with your oline play or taking it to the house. But, I still agree with the concern. GO POKES!! :cowboy_hat_face: :cowboy_hat_face: :cowboy_hat_face:

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Jim knowles would not be at ohio st without Gundy

He’s still here,but I think he’s a walk-on

I suck a RB lol, I hated being tackled by multiple people at once haha. I liked to be the one doing the hitting. I started 3 years as Safety, CB, back up QB and punter.