Oklahoma State Picked Seventh in Big 12's Preseason Poll

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Baylor being picked ahead of Kansas shows how good the Big 12 is in basketball. Outside of Cade and Ice, who does the team have that is outstanding? We have some other players who should be good, but good is not good enough to win in the Big 12. We don’t even have an authentic center. So finishing 6th or 7th sounds right.

I think 7 is too low, but I’m not getting overly confident in this team until we see how they shoot. With cam, dizzy and Lindy all gone, that’s arguably the only 3 good shooters on the team from last year gone. Favors should help, and we’ll wait and see how good Cade and Walker are from the outside. But if they can’t shoot, it won’t matter how talented they are individually. Losing Yor will hurt some too.

Ice is going to play # 2 he shoots 27%.

The disparity between how this site covers Gundy/football vs. Boynton/basketball is astounding.

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Well the roster looks more athletic than teams in the past year so I think that will make a big difference. Yes we had acouple good three point shooters but they weren’t athletic enough to guard anybody also. I think this teams finishes in top 3.