Oklahoma State Ranked Fourth in TrackWrestling Preseason Rankings

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Seven Cowboys ranked individually.

We will get those guys in and ranked to

Quite a surprise seeing Michigan return to being a power house in wrestling while not seeing Ohio State in the top 4. But seeing OK State finishing 4th most years in the NCAA tournament is really getting old. To improve going forward, we can no longer afford to have unranked weights. Put a few super freshmen in the lineup rather than keeping any mediocre experienced guys in there. Have to move this program back to the top from where it has been missing for too many years. Keep going beyond the confines of the state of Oklahoma to recruit. And teach the guys how to counter the counter to their low ankle picks.

Lmao u kill I bet ou hates finishing 4th in football.
Two things is going to help penn state has lost that amazing class. It’s hard to beat 4 or 5 champs in a meet.
R recruiting is better.

Having lived in PA for 27 years I learned to never count PSU out as long as Cale Sanderson is at the helm. It’s time that OK State has 5 NCAA champs once again. That was the greatest season of them all.
Recruiting is definitely better since Caldwell came on board for that reason. But it needs to bump up to an even higher level. Headed in the right direction.