Oklahoma State Ranked No. 18 in First College Football Playoff Poll of Season

Originally published at: Oklahoma State Ranked No. 18 in First College Football Playoff Poll of Season | Pistols Firing

The Cowboys have been in the first CFP rankings of the season in seven of a possible nine years.

Personally, I don’t think we should be ranked, but it is what it is.

Random tidbit: If the proposed 12 team playoff existed:

  1. Tennessee vs. 8. Oregon/ 9. USC
  2. TCU vs. 5. Georgia/ 12. Tulane
  3. Clemson vs. 6. Michigan/ 11. Ole Miss
  4. Ohio State vs. 7. Alabama/ 10. LSU

So just one b12 team? Seems insulting. If Texas and OU were sitting with one loss I’ll bet they would both be in


Uhhh you may want to redo. Tulane isn’t in the top 12 unless PFB got the list wrong

Under the proposed 12 team playoff, the six highest ranked conference champions get in:
SEC: Tennessee
Big 10: Ohio State
ACC: Clemson
Big 12: TCU
Pac 12: Oregon
American: Tulane

Of course they would because helmet logic.

Ok I just thought that only the P5 conference champs got an automatic bid but one group of 5 gets in too as well I guess

We had to be ranked… to justify ranking Texas!! lol

GO POKES!! Cowboy Up after last week… :football: :cowboy_hat_face: :cowboy_hat_face: :football:

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Is it possible that TCU has the easiest road to the CFP??

I do not mean the most likely. It is most likely that the SEC and B1G conference champions make it. But, those teams vying for the top spots have to go through each other. Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Ohio State and Michigan will decide the top two spots for sure, but after beating up each other. At this point, TCU has what seems the easier path, contending only with much lower ranked teams to be an undefeated conference champion.

Easier does not necessarily equate to ‘easy’… just ‘easier’. GO POKES!!

As of right now, I think 3 of the 4 spots are locks:

  1. The SEC champion for obvious reasons.
  2. The Ohio State/Michigan winner will most likely be the undefeated B1G champion.
  3. Clemson. Not because I think they’re great,but that the ACC is weak and helmet logic.

If TCU wins out, I think they get unless a one loss Alabama beats an undefeated Georgia/Tennessee in the SEC championship game. If that happens ,they’re both getting in.

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I don’t disagree at all. Again, ‘easiest’ path is TCU’s. The SEC path is pretty tough for whomever survives, as is the B1G it seems.

By playoff day, I believe Clemson gets a loss, and wouldn’t be surprised if TCU jumps them even if they don’t. A desire for different blood, more ranked wins than Clemson… but of course, TCU must win out to have any chance at all. Right now, that does look easier than beating Georgia!!! or Tennessee… which ever the case may be. But, most assuredly, one of them will prevail. …just not easily.

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