Oklahoma State Remains at No. 9 in AP Top 25

Originally published at: Oklahoma State Remains at No. 9 in AP Top 25 | Pistols Firing

The Cowboys moved up after a bye week.

@robert28 you called it :rofl:


I knew Tennessee would jump us. I think i said Kentucky on other post.
Its find we got to win any way.both Tennessee and Kentucky will have loses

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Kind of what I expected. Kentucky is 4-0 with a road win against a top 25 team, and Tennessee is 4-0 with a win over a top 25 team. Did anyone else here happen to watch the Central Michigan and Arizona State games?

Just saw that scores but yeah Penn St trashed CMU and Utah beat ASU by a similar score to what OSU did.

Cmu was what 4 or 5 more. Pdu only scoring 35 probably didnt have there sevonds in as soon.

At one point we were up more the psu scored. Joy is just trying to cause trouble.

By his logic Alabama would lose to tech Georgia would fall to uo.

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Penn state didn’t trash them if you watched the game it was competitive for a bit. Hey @joe15 how ya feeling about Mel Tucker?!


They were both similar. CMU’s not a scrub. Those games do not matter, though, as long as we win. The conference will provide the boosts we need if we win.


Truth be told, if they re-evaluated résumés each week instead of slavishly sticking to how they ranked the teams before they ever touched turf, I’d be ok with KU being ranked above us. It’ll get sorted out on the field. This is one of many reasons the AP Poll doesn’t matter.


I’m trying to cause trouble? By asking a question?

Yeah his team doesn’t seem like they’re very good, but give him about 15 more years and I’m sure he’ll have better ones sprinkled in there.

I think Kansas is going to give everyone trouble unless you jump on them early and don’t let off. Teams did that last year and they came back and best/almost every team but us. We have plenty of games to move up. Just win baby!!! :cowboy_hat_face:

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They’re 1-3 with their only win being against Bucknell. Just like how Arizona State is 1-3 with their only win being against NAU. Guess who the OC at Penn State is? Kansas has played better competition so far in my opinion.

Question. Yea rite lol

Scores arent transitive. If they were georgia would beat baylor by 70 points. Georgia to Oregon to byu to baylor.

I know youve never had a math or logic class you mite google transitive property.

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Im glad their oc is not ours.
They only scored 33 points. Cmu had 4 trun overs.

We had 28 in 1 quarter

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Ok, and two of their three losses are against ranked P5 teams. What is your point? I just said they aren’t scrubs. Realistically, they didn’t have much of a chance to be better than 2-2 right now.

This tendency you have to try to find all of these angles to hate on “your team” is silly. You did this same thing last year and you ended up looking like a fool, so now we’re stuck in this loop of you putting out this quantity of endless complaints instead of well-thought quality to try and make up for how atrociously wrong you were last year.


So your saying Mel Tucker is just as good as Gundy?

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Joy has to spout off about a coach every year. Its a cruse tbo. Every time he picks a coach they do chit that year. Last year it was fritz and matt this year its dave and mel.

One thing i will say about @joe15 he is loyal. He will make excuses for them all whole time. Usually the same excuse. Didnt have boone’s money, sun was in their eyes, or didnt have a mullet

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Big twelve couldn’t look any easier for gundy and crew to get there and win his 2 big twelve championship. Let’s see if he can take advantage.

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Maybe not, but it gives you a decent indicator of another team’s capabilities and caliber.

I have, but even if I didn’t at least I don’t have to Google spelling.