Oklahoma State Reportedly Hiring Steve Lutz as Program's 21st Coach

Fans will return once he starts winning. If he carries on the .500 conference record from WKU, fans will not return.

It is pretty good for sure…only thing is, he has to do better than .500 in conference play. I know .500 will get us into the tournament but that won’t cut it. WKU finished .500 and 3rd in conference USA. My biggest fear is he has never beaten a power 5 school in his 3 years as HC in 8 tries/games and we are going to ask him to be HC where he has to play 20+ power 5 schools in the toughest conference in America. Hopeully he gets that monkey off his shoulders soon.

As always, I think taking a chance on a new Coach is better than being content with mediocrity.

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What are we talking about on this thread. Once in the past 7 years has OSU gone .500 in conference. ONCE! If we can turn around and get back to that bar in year 1 or 2, then this hire will have been a success.

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Am I the only one that thinks he has a striking resemblance to this guy?
At this point if we’ve hired an evil wizard to improve our chances I’m ok with that…….