Oklahoma State Reportedly Hiring Steve Lutz as Program's 21st Coach

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Lutz has made three NCAA Tournaments in three seasons as a head coach.


Only took 3 weeks. This has to pan out.

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I don’t think this moves the needle much.

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Guess I’ll believe it when I see him in OSU garb and at the podium in Stillwater.

Actually, I think I’m done with OSU sports for a long time. Good luck being something other than mediocre. I don’t have to have it.


I like the hire (based on who’s available). We would love a more proven track record, but this guy has proven he can flip quick.

Welcome Coach, time to get to work!!!


I’ll show up and support him until he gives me a reason not to. Let the recruiting begin!


No one can be as obtuse as boynton.


This is awesome! Ending the Boynton rein made me hopeful. Now we hire a competent coach and there is nothing but upside. I am excited. After the last 15 years, any success will be awesome and I assure you the fans will return to watch the Pokes.


He has immediately turned bottom feeders into conference champions.
Finish next season in the top half of the conference and I’ll get excited.
A courageous guy for sure taking on multiple programs that were unsuccessful. That part gives hope. Now he has to recruit at a higher level. There was a recent rumor on the 45 pod saying some donors are now ready to put some big money into the portal. I don’t blame them for not doing it while Boynton was there.


I actually feel pretty good about this hire. Averaging 23 wins a season as an HC (taking a team from 5 wins to 23 in a year,) and all the experience from being an assistant at Purdue and Creighton. He knows how and what it takes to win. And he’s from Texas. I think we got our man. :+1:


Robert - you can’t spell and I doubt you know what obtuse really means…Mike Boynton was Not insensitive or annoying! He was a good Christian man with principles and a good ambassador for Oklahoma State Basketball.


Boynton can be both. He was a good man and great representative of the OSU brand. However, in 7 years, he never changed or adjusted his offensive mentality which could be described as being obtuse.


I thought that was an odd word choice as well. Agree with you about Boynton and his character. He’s a good man and a good coach. Just the wrong place at the wrong time. Far too many obstacles to overcome, especially when you start your head coaching career in a crappy situation that was not his doing.


I think he meant obstinate.

I will agree with you on your post! I thought he was attacking the character of Boyton, which was beyond reproach. I agree, Mike, was not a good X’s and O guy. And watching the same turnovers/mistakes with no inside game etc….was very frustrating. Just playing fundamental basketball would have been refreshing to watch.

Who were you hoping we’d get? Bill Self? Coach K?

I liked mike as a coach. He couldn’t take a hint he needed a real offensive scheme. So yes i used the word that futs his coaching. No player improved under him too.

I do not buy he was affected by the ncaa that much. 1 playing per year is not that much. Other coach win with less scholarship players. He actually keep players after the ban. It was after, the kids got tired of losing.

What i will remember him the most for is his horrible ways of holding big leads. I think we have all learned that ,when the opponent is on a run, dnt throw up 3’s in 5 sec. Do this repeatedly until you lost his lead.
What would his career look like if he won 20 or 30 of these games. His first season would have started with a bid.

I think top half is more of a possibility in year 2 or 3 unless he can keep garrison and dailey.