Oklahoma State Reportedly Reaches Out to North Texas Transfer Tylor Perry

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Perry dropped 23 on the Cowboys to end OSU’s season.

Boynton isn’t bad at getting a recruit he really goes after. He would be a great addition
Boynton is fighting for his life right now, glad he’s told some to hit the road. Get better recruits


I assuming he’s going to follow his HC and go to Texas Tech. However you never know


We hope that coach being on the hot seat will motivate him to raise the bar in recruiting.
I assume he has urged Woody to enter the portal.
Will Boone ever become consistent?
Will Bryce consistently score high in both haves?
If Mousa enters the portal, next season will be bad.
If I was Chad, I would already be creating a list of coaches to lure to Stillwater.

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I’m still confused how Perry ended up at North Texas. He was a stud in junior college. It amazes me how these schools miss kids like this.