Oklahoma State Running Back LD Brown Declares for NFL Draft

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Brown has been with the Cowboys since 2016.

Didn’t see this one coming. Wish him well, but it’s going to be difficult.

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I think Gordon is going to be a really good back. Would like to know how fast he is but he has NFL size, him with Richardson will be a good duo, sprinkle in Nixon who is really fast there’s a lot of talent there in my opinion. I’m more worried about the O-line, that’s my #1 concern for next year.


Undrafted free agent. He’ll have to earn it. Should’ve come back.

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Yea his number will scare everyone. His only chance would be come back and try to get a full year.

Money grab.

Agree. Especially about the O-line. Richardson should be a big time player next year!

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Didn’t realize LD had been around since 2016. He did his time, thanks for being a Cowboy! Now go see what the next level holds for you. Good look and thanks for all you did for the Cowboy family.


Might not have been any more degrees to pursue.

Good luck LD!


Don’t think he’ll get drafted. Maybe if he has a really good combine it’s possible. Good luck to him.

As I’ve said before we’ve been able to benefit on the run game moreover because of hidden talent at HB rather than having a solid OL. But yes if we can establish some kind of resemblance of an offensive line we won’t have to rely as much on the diamonds in the rough we find at HB.

That’s been a concern for way to long for any head coach ever in the history of college football.

Where’s all this culture that makes kids stick around that love to play football for gundy?

It’s funny why u came out of ur hole. Why were u not here the day after we beat nd. Know u got balls to come out to do ur goon talk.

Good luck. Not only as a fan’s feeling but a avid watcher of college football I would had liked to seen him play one more season to develop and shine as a starter. I think this NFL draft is stacked deep with running backs. My girlfriend’s cousin is Shamari Brooks of Tulsa. He’s talented but there are even a lot of running backs in front of him even with his stats and accomplishments. Next year will be the year of QBs in the draft. This year seems stacked of offensive linemen, running backs, and secondary players. My opinion only.

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2nd opinion. I don’t know everything. Again my opinion only but I’m a little concerned at our running back position. We may have to rely more on Sanders legs next season too much. Each time I see players leaving or coaching changes I’m starting to cringe a little bit. Hopefully coaching Gundy can replenish the ranks and with guys even better.

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I don’t think Brown did enough to impress any nfl team. Injury kept him from showing what he could do this season. He could have had his chance when Warren got injured. Better off trying for CFL.

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Best wishes to LD. I think he needs to put on another 10 pounds and keep the same speed and he could land a spot.

RE Richardson, we just need him to think every opponent is TCU and he’ll look like Barry Sanders out there. :innocent:

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IMO SS SHOULD run more but sure do wish he would learn to protect himself better on runs. He throws his whole body in there like he’s a 235-lb FB, lol. It makes defenses stay skurred he’s gonna take off and he’s a heck of a runner. I get the feeling he’s another QB who never played any baseball, like RGIII, and far too many of those types of QBs end up getting hurt. Knock on wood!!!

The XFL is coming back, he doesn’t need to try out for the CFL. If he makes a squad or a practice squad for an NFL team that opportunity will always be there. Likely gonna have to be a FA, special teams guy, you’d think he could make it as a return guy alone but they usually want a guy to do more than just that unless he’s electrifying like a Dante Hall kinda player.