Oklahoma State’s Evaluation Skill as Important as Ever in NIL-Era Recruiting

Originally published at: Oklahoma State’s Evaluation Skill as Important as Ever in NIL-Era Recruiting | Pistols Firing

‘For lack of a better term, you could get out-bid.’

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Not sure what difference NIL will truly make when it comes to Gundy and recruiting. He’s only had three top 25 recruiting classes since he’s been the HC, and his last top 25 recruiting class was in 2011. When you put “Gundy” and “four star recruit” in the same sentence I don’t see anything really coming to fruition.

The nil is picking up. Tech is give 25 k to a 100 players.
I cant remember but byu was giving i think 500 a week to walkons. Texas 50 k to lineman. These are of campus nil.
I know were giving the 5k to every athlete from the school.

The tech one is a nice one. Its really a job. They have to do community service. Its not a lump sum.

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I love how he says the ones that have played under me have been 2 and three star guys that have been successful. Wtf do you mean by successful? Graduating and staying out of trouble? Ok but my meaning of successful is helping win championships and getting to the league. It’s just a cop out he uses because he can’t recruit and that’s it and he knows it. He’s averages one guy a year that meets my meaning of successful and that’s pushing it. Listen, with this NIL 50’s is where gundy’s classes will be and after ou and Texas leave could be worse in a mid major conference. It’s dooms day for him if this stays pat.

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He’ll give me 25 chances to recruit only three stars and I can find one diamond in the rough. Every team finds them in our conference. If you want to know the truth Kansas stat finds more and Texas tech. So onetime said finds more. Please.

Getting real tired of these young blog writers saying how good gundy is at developing low star guys. It just isn’t true. I don’t see them going to the league and playing long careers. I see most of his guys being free agents and heading to Canada. These blog writers haven’t watched the gundy era. They just repeat what they have heard. Its time we start saying why isn’t he developing kids. Hell maybe that would help him get better kids and get out of the 50’s.


Name them

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Tell me something, if your 17 years old with every offer in the world with no bias, are you gonna go too Fayetteville, Norman, Austin, Tuscaloosa, Miami, LA, Clemson South Carolina, etc. or BFE STILLWATER

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Ask all the other coaches from other sports that recruit to Stillwater how they do it. Better yet Gundy needs to ask them. Such a sorry excuse that is old so get a new one.

Maybe hire some kids brother as an assistant.

Gundy can’t recruit. That’s it. Why can’t you swallow that? I’m sorry man maybe next year uh?

Great answer

You’re correct, Gundy doesn’t recruit the big 's. But would you rather Gundy recruit the 4&5’s and suck like Texas, or recruit the people that have potential and fit the culture?
You’ve obviously never been in business, because culture is much more valuable and coachable than gpa. And so it is with football players.
I’m pleased with Gundy’s ability to recruit the 3*'s and make them special. Few coaches are able to do that with 5*'s. Fewer are able to do it with 3* recruits…


How about recruiting 3 and 4 and a few 5 then be able to win the conference more than once in a lifetime. Maybe if he coaches for 30 years and near the end wins 1 more conference title, we’ll be to the level of K State.

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Brilliant comment jug, do you really know how few are 5 star ? Not many…. Not much difference in a high 3 star and a 4 star

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Dude boynton has got one 5 star out of high school, how many trophies did that win us?


In the 22 class there was 35 five stars. Getting 1 5 ☆ in the last 10 years while being top 10 in wins shouldn’t be asking to much.

Would you like to compare James Washington to Marquis (Hollywood) Brown? Washington can’t hardly get on the field and Brown is a instant star.

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Wrestling does it. Softball does it equestrian does it. I mean the only guy that has never done it is gundy because he can’t. He doesn’t relate to kids. There’s no argument here.

Aging for you guys that are satisfied with wining no trophies, he’s recruiting culture is not winning championships. That’s the culture. Quit making excuses for him. We still get no respect and never will with gundy. He’s not even a thought when it comes down to real college football talk in beginning of football season and at the end of college football season. So you tell me how good his culture does us in that regard?

How many 4 stars has bouton got and gets every year LOL. Dude really? How does he recruit to the old dump of Stillwater?