Oklahoma State’s Latest McDonald’s All-American ‘Has No Idea How Good He’s Gonna Be’

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Brandon Garrison will bring high expectations with him to OSU.

Unfortunately, his coach will be Boynton. He can ruin talent with the best of them.

Guess he ruined Cade too :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Boynton is 42 and 55 in conference play over 6 years. Free Throw % is 70% and 15 turnovers per game. Virtually zero improvement over 6 years. He definitely isn’t developing good talent. Hell of a recruiter, Schitty coach.

Well hell, why not Fire John Smith….he hasn’t won a National title in a while.

That is an ignorant statement. We are talking about a coach that can’t even compete in the bottom of our conference, versus multiple Conference Championships and National Titles. Completely asinine to even compare the two.

You are the King of ignorant statements. Obviously, you didn’t understand that my statement was sarcasm.