Oklahoma State Safety Kanion Williams Enters Transfer Portal

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Williams contributed quite a bit on special teams the past few seasons.

Hope he finds a place to play more. Another good lose. Gives room for the younger players on st. He made some good plays ,but he had a couple of bone head penalties

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Grad transfer so not surprising. So far only one big hit.

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Thanks Kanion! Love the way this guy played…Special Teams Stud!

Good luck wherever you land!

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Im glad i cut my head off so i did see the sky falling. This is like a sowing circle that ran out of yarn. Lol.

I love sanders but its been a trip of injuires.

We have a ton of recievers braylin shown he was a cry baby. We had alot of freshman over play him.

Right from tulsa will replace cobb.

Russ to me is the biggest disappointment. We need to get 3 linen with power 5 experience.

We got the nose fron neo.

Sad about harper with him and his brother playing so many tears. But not a great loss.

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