Oklahoma State Signs Junior College Defensive Lineman Seleti Fevaleaki

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Fevaleaki graduated high school in 2017 but will only be a sophomore.

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This portal will make schools like us and say Oregon state where 2 and 3 star guys that turn out to be really good players use us for a step stool to go to other schools who pay them a good lump sum of money for a position player they need. You thought keeping good coaches here was hard just wait and see how hard it is to keep our best players.

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So far, it’s mostly been the opposite. High quality players leaving schools for “lesser” programs for playing time. The NIL could complicate that, but I don’t think we’ve seen that yet.

We did lose a guy to tosu and 1 to lsu. Just saying.
Oh yes the blue blood Nebraska.
I think we have three great pwo on the dline.
I feel ok about the defense. We dnt know he will step up.
I thought are defense wouldn’t be as good anyway. With the 2 lb and Holmes leaving. I do thing the big 12’s offenses will be better on the whole too.

I love this signing. Keep the pipeline running strong!!!

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I think our defense should be good enough if our offense can be 10 points better this year

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I know two of the juco guys #'s are great, but they all 3 were all american. So these guys should be ready.

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R depth in some spots and the new linebacks worry me.
If the bowl game is a preview we should score more.
With all the new players at the start, by the end they were able to get back to the hurry up.

Nice signing… Now stand by for Joey to tell everyone why Polynesian players won’t help Gundy win conference championship…

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Jeff is correct. We’ve lost two defensive players to Ohio State and LSU. I feel pretty good about not losing anyone on offense though. I don’t see many teams kicking down Gundy’s office door to come snatch up anyone from this offensive unit so far.

Most of the Polynesian players have been on defense. They’ve been helpful. The only thing that isn’t going to help Gundy win a conference title is Gundy himself. That was evident in the Big 12 title game this past season. We all watched it and know it’s true.

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And like clockwork, here he is.

You said I would make an excuse for why the Polynesian players wouldn’t help us. They don’t get to decide the play calling or plan for the game.

Nebraska took a line man. Thats a blue blood wanting are offensive play.
Joey why do u even act like u know anything. Warden is Polynesian. The only thing stop u from understanding football is joey.

A team that hasn’t been any good in 21 years and hasn’t made a bowl game since 2016 isn’t really a blue blood any longer Roberto. I’d hate to break it to you, but this isn’t the 80’s or 90’s any longer. Nebraska is just looking for six wins right now. That’s why they are coming for offensive lineman in Stillwater.

Hey Joey logan is calling Nebraska a blue blood. Have u not been following today. U forgot the 70’s for Nebraska. Thats one of ur main problems u dnt know the history of the sport.

I know what Nebraska did in the 70’s and I don’t care. The fact still remains they haven’t been a very good program for over 20 years now. Five straight seasons without a bowl appearance.

You’re also the same person that still thinks Miami is blue blood. When the last thing they did anything significant was 19 years ago. You’re also the same person before the bowl game talking about how ND hasn’t beaten any good teams during the season. Then you turned around after the bowl game and talked about how great of a win it was (Even though ND is 0-10 in their last major bowl games).

I’m not saying that wasn’t a good win, but it’s not like we just kicked off Alabama or Ohio State out of the CFP. So how does that history work for you?

When I say a team is no good means we will win. Did we not beat nd. It was a great win because they were ranked 5 and a blue blood.

I mean u dnt even understand the simplest things. How do u wake up in the morning.