Oklahoma State Slides to No. 14 After Loss to Texas

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OSU remains in the top 15 in both polls.

I saw OU play last night. They are better than OSU. We are very lucky to still be considered a top 15 team.


I think the right coach could beat OU with this team. Gundy won’t, but the right coach could.

I can’t find fault with Gundy for the loss to Texas. I would not have had the guts to bring in a freshman QB in a game like that. Sanders showed his potential when he marched down the field with very little time remaining. The problem is that Sanders is inconsistent in his performance. I put the responsibility for improvement in the hands of the QB coach. I would like to see Tim Rattay answer questions about Sanders in the Monday meeting with the media.
Rattler for OU is playing better each game. I can’t say the same for Sanders. When Sanders finally figures it out I think he will be a really good QB. Maybe not the great one we thought he would be, but still a good one.

After 15 or 16 years is anything Gundy’s fault?

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Yes. Here is the following:

  1. He picks the wrong Quarterbacks

  2. He runs off 4 star recruits

  3. Our kick and punt return game has sucked the last 5 years because he refuses to hire a special teams coach.

  4. He can’t beat OU even in years when he’s had the better team on paper.

  5. Most of the time he calls plays that are so conservative OSU ultimately ends up losing.

  6. He doesn’t emphasis ball control like he used to do.

  7. He’s went from winning the Big 12 to just being satisfied with making a bowl game.

  8. He almost always makes the decision To play it safe when all the arrows are pointing to the “Take a Chance” sign.

  9. He doesn’t win homes games against ranked or big time opponents any longer.

  10. Instead of going for the throat (like OSU used to) he consistently plays down to the level of his competition now.

  11. He’ll run the ball a billion times behind a bad OL even if he has all-conference or all-American quarterbacks and wide receivers at his disposal.

  12. Since 2018 he is 0-2 against Tech, 1-2 against Texas, 1-1 against TCU, 0-2 against Baylor. Meaning so far he’s 2-7 against teams from Texas and we haven’t even played Tech, TCU, or Baylor yet.

  13. He went from being one of the best Big 12 coaches to maybe a middle of the pack Big 12 coach or lower.

  14. He’s still stuck in 2006 or 2007. He refuses to change like some of the other college football coaches have due to the college football environment. Better to lose than to change I guess.

  15. He continuously asks for more pay raises even with stagnant or worse results.

  16. He said in 2018 after the Texas game he didn’t give a “rat’s a**” what his players thought. Even though his “playing not to lose” mentality forced Corndog to convert a run on 4th down to avoid possibly losing the game.

  17. During the 2018 bedlam game he chose to go for two with a QB that was a walk on with no D1 scholarships in which Corndog completely under threw Wallace for the two point conversion.

  18. He ran off probably the best OL coach OSU ever had (Joe Wickline) and then spent nearly the next 6 years trying to rebuild the OL under four different OL coaches.

  19. He went from two awesome OC’s to hiring a dude nobody has ever heard of whose only three plays were: screen pass, deep pass, and HB zone. A dude no other college team would hire as the OC for 7 long years.

  20. He’s averaged a recruiting ranking of 34th over the past decade. His first six seasons as a head coach he had three seasons where he finished in the top 25 in recruiting. He hasn’t had a top 25 recruiting class since 2011.

I’ve given twenty reasons why this program will not get any better under Gundy. The program has been stagnant since 2011 and if Gundy keeps proving for nearly a decade now he can’t make it any better then he never will. However, you still have unrealistic OSU fans like Robert out there that continue to beat the Gundy drum.

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It’s because we lost to Texas ( The team that every sports analyst and coach has a boner for even when they suck). That’s why we are still in the top 15. Had this been a loss to K State or anyone else not named OU or Texas we would see the pokes at probably #21.

Everybody loves a good slide!

I think we should just hire a few of our alumni fans who know so much more about football than Gundy. They would likely work for less money and have more knowledge so it should be a great fit. It always amazes me about how much I know about sports and coaching. I always know which play to run after I see the one that didn’t work. I just know how easy it is to be a college kid doing your best to make a good play so the white folks in the stands can do a fist bump and feel great about it. Wow, better fire that guy who has no experience nor has learned anything about football since the Pop Warner days.

And there’s where things just got silly. So you’re saying that it’s Gundy’s fault that they were in a 4th down situation? I didn’t realize that all the good coaches never see 4th downs. Huh…
And yeah, Corndog missed that throw. Gee, I wonder which QB went toe-to-toe with OU the entire rest of the game??? Maybe he should’ve thrown in a green QB for THAT ONE PLAY. That would’ve been much smarter.
Ran off the greatest OL coach OSU ever had? Didn’t realize you have Gundy’s office bugged so you know exactly how all that went down. How well has that OL coach done ever since leaving? I’ll help ya out… he sucked. WVU’s lines sucked, and now Texas’s OL sucks more often than not.

Also, regarding Yurcich, no other college team would hire him because he turned them down, not because he wasn’t wanted.

Also, point 14 - Gundy started transitioning more scholarships to the defense, started utilizing tight ends more often YEARS ago… He was literally changing the way OSU played before the rest of the Big12 (other than Kansas State) ever started doing that. It takes a long time to change philosophy because it requires changing personnel. But who am I kidding, I’m sure you would’ve been able to do it mid-season.

ESPN gives Gundy a 38% chance of beating a 4-2 OU on a year that Gundy has the (so called) best defense he’s ever had and at the beginning of the season (so called) best running back and wide receiver in college football.

I agree. Most coaches try to use their talent the most potent way possible. We don’t need a coach who thinks Tyreek Hill is sometimes best used as a “decoy”. The NFL would beg to differ.

Yes. Because he always does this he’ll play so conservative he puts the team in bad situations. He had a 10 point lead with less than three minutes to go against ISU and GAVE them an opportunity for an onside kick.

Yeah…cause I’m sure they were all impressed with his 277 yard offensive awesomeness against OSU the other day. I can see Saban and Swinney flying to Texas right away to hire him.

Yeah…because Gundy has changed so much of his philosophy and adapted to changes in college football since he became the HC.

Sometimes it’s hysterical how many people totally wipe away recent results from their memory. There are a bunch in this fan base apparently.