Oklahoma State-Texas A&M: Porter's 2019 Texas Bowl Notebook

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PETA protestors, Chuba jump cuts and all the other lasting thoughts.

What happened to the over-the-middle stuff that was working early? Felt like they went completely away from even trying it— I’ve sarcastically been saying ALL. SEASON. LONG. that we had a limit of one slant pass play per game. If you go back and watch every game there may have one O.N.E. game where we completed more than one besides last night.

There’s no middle stuff really. Why do we have the position called Cowboy Back and why are we recruiting so many guys to play it? Speaking of one play per game limit, did we ever have more than a completion to a CW in any one game? Again I say that sarcastically, I think Jelani had a game where he caught two. But none were slant/look-in type plays. How do you stop a pass attempt on a guy who’s 6’7" going across the middle? Either pass batted down at the line or pass is behind or too high for the CW to catch. I love those odds personally.

Where was Sanders? I couldn’t hear over the bar din.

Same. Even called this same item out in the instant-recap. Also, did anyone else literally laugh at the announcers when they said: “Jelani Woods is an impressive athlete. Gundy is going to throw him the ball a lot next year.”

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Maybe in comparison to this season which means 3 targets per game instead of the 20 total this season? :sob:

Only was in what, 2 or 3 plays. Think they didn’t want to risk re-injury and I can understand that. Brown was off on the long passes, underthrew the ball three times which would’ve been TDs or dang near it.