Oklahoma State to Induct Bob Fenimore into Ring of Honor

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The Blond Bomber will be inducted Oct. 8.

This is what I thought. With Miller or O’Neal next two

Fenimore is a great choice. As a lifelong Bears fan I knew about him before I enrolled at OSU.
Gundy summed him up perfectly.


Mr. Fenimore was also a very nice man. He would come into Bates Brothers Menswear, where I worked while in college, and was always pleasant. Too bad that back then I was not as aware of his accomplishments as I should have been. What an amazing athlete!

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Technically one of the few OSU players to win a National Championship as well.

Joy some more of your silly talk. There was a whole team. No one calls a team a few players.

We know what you mean. Your trying to put down gundy. It funny some more double standards. Last time you talked about that team you were saying they weren’t champions.

Just think how many good teams we could have had if iba would have cared about football.

Iba was busy going fishing and operating on a shoestring budget. It’s amazing that he got the new 4H building built (Gallagher Hall) during the Depression. It was considered to be the Madison Square Garden of college. I’m not sure what his view of A&M football was at the time. I have mixed feelings about Iba because he was a legend, but at the same time he would not change with the times. He refused to hit the recruiting trail when the method of recruiting changed after they stopped central tryout locations and instead sent the coaches out on the road to go to where the kids went to school. He said in an interview that he held himself responsible for the fall of Cowboy basketball because he went fishing instead of recruiting when the basketball season ended. He was right, he recruited some really poor players toward the end of his career.

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