Oklahoma State Transfer Center Moussa Cisse Commits to Ole Miss

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Cisse is headed to the SEC.

Kind of a sad world when a kid will leave a coach whose moral character is unquestioned to play for a coach who beat up his fiancee. Regardless of the coaching acumen.


Agree with this. Poor choice Moussa.


Agree with comments above but I think this is about coaching not character. If character mattered that much, none of these guys would leave.

MB character A+. MB developing players D-.


All these comments above stay on the sidelines. No real hoopers.

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Fine. Go foul and miss FTs at Ole Miss.

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Guess that makes you a “real hooper”, then?
Enlighten us oh real hooper. :face_with_monocle:

Please don’t make me drag out the FG, FT, and 3PT percentages again. They’re soooo bad that any average basketball fan can see how terrible they are.