Oklahoma State Up to No. 12 in AP Ranking Thanks to Baylor Win, Upset Saturday

We threw a successful flea flicker last night, but called back because our OL can’t figure out how to not get a penalty for eventually helping kill momentum on the drive.

Yea r offense will take off with those defenses

Dude you say we have the talent to be conference champs then you say we have terrible players. You are AN ABSOLUTE JOKE

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So now u know flags hurt

Nothing against Casey Thompson but I’m kind of hoping something might happen to where the defense gets to see Hudson Card at QB for Texas instead.

I said we should be getting to the conference championship game. I figure if Rhule, Patterson, and Campbell can do it Gundy should be able to get there too.

No no no buddy. You consistently contradict yourself. Rhule wasn’t here in 2013

Patterson is 1 over 500 for last 3 years Campbell is on his way down

2013 was 8 years ago buddy.

What did Baylor do after rhule left . U goes talk about fluke

Why does it matter what they did after Rhule left?


Did Gundy start off 4-1 his 2nd year at OSU?

U know Baylor is 0 and 2 against osu
Ksu is 0and 3.

And you still say we should’ve won the conference but our recruiting wasn’t much better then . So which is it? Bad coaching or bad recruiting?

That’s not what I asked. Did Gundy start off 4-1 in his 2nd year at OSU?

Both actually. We had already seen how bad coaching and players could be in 2013 when we lost to West Virginia who went 4-8 that season and lost to Kansas.

I’m doing what u do. Get numbers to make ur point.
It doesn’t matter were u starts it’s how u finish

So do bad coaches have 6 ten win seasons a conference championship and a bc s bowl bowl win at a place like Oklahoma state ? Answer is no. And please don’t bring in your one 247 source about us having top 15 facilities because it’s flat out not true

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R u saying we lost to Kansas in 2013