Oklahoma State Wide Receiver Langston Anderson to Enter the Transfer Portal

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The Cowboys lose more depth from their receiving corps.

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Hate to see him - or any of these guys, really - go. But best of luck to him and…ride on, Cowboys!



I dnt mean to be mean, but he really was dead weight.

I wouldnt be suprised if owen did go. He is one of those under used gundy guys lol

I was listening to 365 sports. I really like them. They cover all big 12, have credible sources, and brand named guest. I think they said we have the highest amount of transfers right now. This probably breaks first place. #1 school had nine or ten there were schools tied for 2nd place. I dont think this guy was was good or great but how’s our depth chart for wide receivers now?

If we can get them healthy we got alot. Owen,presley, john paul, 2 greens, bray, johnson and shetton. Those our just one who have td.

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According to Heartland Sports, at least, ou still has 5 more than us…

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