Oklahoma State Will Face Texas A&M in the Texas Bowl

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Cowboys will face off against a former Big 12 foe.

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Please God let Spencer Sanders he healthy enough and Chuba Hubbard decide not to sit this out. I can’t stomach losing to A&M knowing our best players were on the sidelines.

It’s a bowl game, I wanna see some crazy! Out Dru, Sanders, and Hubbard in the backfield at the same time!


If Chuba sits this one out (which I’m kinda expecting), I’m afraid it’ll get ugly.

Not super excited about this bowl but if Chuba decides to play I think we take it to A&M. Kinda shocked ESPN gives us a 38% chance to win, TAMU has really only beat bad teams.

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Once again a sucky Texas Bowl (or should I say, Status Quo Bowl) against another former Big 12 team. How fitting. Iowa State gets Notre Dame. K-State get Navy. O-State gets A&M. Wow! Exciting. Not! Same ole, same ole, under Gundy.

What would you consider OSU’s best win? K State?

Maybe next year we will have a Cheez it bowl!

Like the bowl opponent and the location, can’t wait to go! Think we have a shot to win, I didn’t think we had any chance against Mizzou last year and we pulled it off. Cowboys are better this year and I think Gundy can get 'em ready for the bowl.

The article stats A&M played a tough schedule… However, it it was both top and bottom heavy. Lost to 5 good teams, but beat 7 below average teams. A&M did not be a team with a winning record and only one win came against a bowl eligible team (who is 6-6).

However, if Sanders and Chu do not play they may earn their first win against a team with a winning record against us…

There’s no doubt A&M had a tough schedule. They played three #1 teams. Whether we can win or not depends on whether Chuba and Spencer play or not.

KSU or ISU probably. Just don’t think eeking out against Arkansas and not beating a single team over .500 means they’re better than we are.