Oklahoma State Will Face Wisconsin in the Guaranteed Rate Bowl

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The Cowboys and Badgers have never met.

So we know who were play. Now we wait to see who Wisconsin wouldnt have playing. Then we will hear the gundy haters telling us they didnt have this player or coach.

At least it’s a B10 school and someone we’ve never played. Should be fun!
Go Pokes!!


Cool now all that remains is finding out who will be transferring out and opting out to get ready for the NFL. Call me a fair weather fan, if the shoe fits then I need to own it but the current state of college football and the way bowl season transpires is leaving my excitement level pretty flat. And that’s before we get to the fact that it’s the Guaranteed Rate bowl and Wisconsin. Better than no bowl though.


No point in keeping coaches until after bowl season. Dickey has been employed for 8 days too long already. Roll the heads now and get ahead of it.


Make sure you get your Guaranteed Rate bowl shirts ready folks.


Roll gundy’s head first and for most. Can’t keep blaming coordinators. Ax him now.