Oklahoma State Wrestling to Receive Facility Updates

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The Cowboys’ locker room is set for an update.

It does need to be a new arena. They still will use GIA to have matchs. So should be cheaper then a new stadium.

Upgrades of a locker room is a good compromise since they are not having luck finding enough donors to build a wrestling facility. Win some NCAA team championships and that might change one day. I thought the wrestling program as a whole was falling until this past season when an injury riddled team that seemed uncertain to even end up in the top ten actually finished in third place. If a better looking locker room will appeal to recruits then go ahead full steam ahead. I still would like to see OSU do an upgrade in their schedule by entering the Midland tournament instead of the Southern Scuffle.

I thought this article said they were going to do something about a wrestling center. It should be coming soon.

There is no wrestling center coming soon since there are no funds for it. Mike Holder was explicit in his explanation about this several months ago. He stated how much an individual donor would have to come up with to make it happen. He said smaller donations by a lot of people would be insufficient. The cost of building materials and labor is just thru the roof these days. That’s why when Gallagher Hall was built during the Depression it was a miracle that a small school like Okla. A&M was able to afford to build which was then a magnificent structure that might have been the best facility in all of college athletics. It was considered the Madison Square Garden of the Midwest. I think the school has its priorities mixed up now. A softball stadium and a soccer stadium instead of a wrestling facility. Major mistake. Mike Holder in a private email told me a few years back that once the baseball stadium was built he would then take care of the wrestling team. We are approaching Tommy Chesbro’s unfortunate record for the most seasons without a NCAA team championship for wrestling. A new facility just might turn some heads from top recruits. Something has to happen to continue to get more guys like Fix and AJ. We need to have at least 4 guys in the roster at their level to have a chance. PSU and Iowa has that. We have not had that since the season we crowned 5 NCAA champions.

The wrestling team does deserve a new faculty. I’m not as down on this team as u r. But, I think the state of oklahoma has been producing less high recurits. Leading us to have problems getting natty’s. One thing u dnt see alot of any more is foreign recurits. We uses to get them Iran Japan Russia. Mite be something Smith could look into.