Oklahoma State's Defense is Still Surprising Mike Gundy

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Jim Knowles knew.

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AD absolutely has to get Knowles to stay.


I fine with Knowles get some more pay. Him know we would come into Morgantown and do better then the ku game is a stretch. All coaches will say this.

We should get Gundy on board with moving some of his salary towards Knowles. I mean…has the defense not been the reason this team is 8-1?

No. U have to have more points to win. Let Knowles walk if he wants more money.

“I’m not surprised, I expect it.” The best quote ever. I agree with backing up the brinks truck. Heck I might even kick in a little!!!

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You can’t get more points unless you have a defense that’s able to stop the other team from scoring. So you want to let a coach walk who has arguably been 80% of the reason we are in contention for a Big 12 title? Then you have the audacity to call me stupid?

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Kick down the door to Fort Knox where we keep the gold. :joy: WHATEVER. IT. TAKES. TO. KEEP. JIM. KNOWLES.

I’m just try to be like you. U say stupid chit all the time.
How’s Knowles building a defense with 5 recruits.

Why aren’t we building an offense with our embarrassment of riches at running back and wide receiver?

I would answer u but ur an indoit and I would be wasting my time. I do know 5 recruits is going to puts us in a bind that Knowles wouldn’t care because he will be gone

Surely the greatest coach in school history will figure it out and keep this winning program going. Especially if he can put a great offensive product on the field (Oops!!! Sorry). Don’t know why you would be concerned about Knowles leaving.

Thats why I dnt care if he is gone. Gundy will move on and when

Knowles is very confident because as opposed to when he was at Duke, he now has really talented players to work with and against a higher level of competition than Duke played. He knows he is now a wanted man and can almost pencil in any amount he wants. I hope he does not decide to go to the highest bidder. That would probably be Texas. The NFL might even go after him. I like the idea of skimming off some of Gundy’s money to give to Knowles. I remember what Les Miles did as coach at OSU. He told the AD to give him less salary and apply that to assistant coaches so he could then hire good ones. Can the Gundy ranch afford to buy less hay next season?

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Do you know what happened the last time we had a bad defense, and our offense scored less than 25 points per game under Gundy? We went 4-7.

U are lost miles didn’t do that. Gundy did. He wanted better asdt. And knew they need more money. Just like him taking pay cuts last two years.
Gary patterson got a raise in the covid deal.
Miles needed more money to support coeds. Protecting thugs he brought in. Why did gundy have to kick off so many players when miles left.
U thinking Knowles is doing this great is his scheme and not the fact we have like 20 guys on the 2 depth chart have been here for 4 years or more

I remember when we had a bad defense. Knowles lead defense of 2018 rank 95th. The year 47 points and 500 yards passing wasn’t enough to beat ou.

It’s a good measurement just to find out how “Loyal and True” Gundy is, and a testament to Miles on the importance of having really good assistants.

Didn’t we still go to a bowl game because the offense was good enough to get us there? So it’s okay for Gundy to have two or three years of bad offense? But it’s not okay for a first year DC to have one?

Sorry Robert, my memory is very clear about what Les Miles did because I composed a letter to him in my mind that I never sent after I heard how he refused the salary offered and and asked for a lesser amount. The letter that I wanted to write stated that if he could make such a sacrifice for the sake of the team, then I could make a sacrifice too, and I was going to go without buying my medicine for a month and instead send the athletic dept. a donation.

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