Oklahoma State's Game against Baylor Postponed

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Another OSU game gets pushed back.

I wish this was a normal season where it takes 6 wins to be bowl eligible and we go 9-0 and Baylor had 5 wins and wanted to reschedule us for the end of the season and we tell em to get bent and just play in the CCG


They are scared to play OSU. They were even too scared to play Houston. Now with a loss to WV they don’t want to risk losing anymore. This is what it’s all about.

OSU… 9-0. Reminiscent of the 1945 season. I say we go 9-0, and tell Baylor to kick rocks at the end of the year. Use the time to prepare for postseason play.


If a university has to postpone/cancel games multiple time due to a COVID outbreak, then they need to start forfeiting games as punishment for lack of control.

Everyone enjoys calling Gundy a dumbass, but he has done the best so far. After 2 weeks off I hope were still clean. I just hope the osu players want this.

Agree with that robert28. It is obvious that OSU has taken Covid and how it can impact this season seriously while Baylor has not. Gundy knows he’s got a chance this year to make the CFP and is taking Covid seriously. At least now he is…not so much early on.

Call me crazy, but what if they tried to bump up another game this weekend. All of our remaining schedule (ISU, TU, KSU, OU, TTU, and TCU) has byes this week.


Ok, you are crazy! :wink: ISU will be one of our tougher games and now OSU has two weeks to prepare. I think that is a huge advantage. Why give that away so that we can rush preparation for a different team?

I’m just thinking that the best way to get into the CFP, would be running a full schedule. I’m afraid if games keep getting rescheduled or eventually canceled it would be harder to get in with a 7-0 vs a 9-1 or 10-0. I’m thinking the Big 12 is not going to have a fair chance of getting in if OU & TU fall apart.

As it stands right now, OU and Texas have already fallen apart. Run the table and they can’t keep us out of the CFP. Right now, an undefeated Oklahoma State is the Big 12’s best chance at getting in.

Crazy lmao

Well think of this pac 12 have a 7 game season big 10 is doing 10 games in 10 weeks