Oklahoma State's Game at Baylor Has Been Postponed

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OSU’s trip to Waco has been postponed.

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Maybe they should take Covid protocols a little more seriously. I guess Private schools can do what they want…

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After watching them let their students rush the football field for home games (and the way they’ve handled every other problem at this school) the NCAA needs to start punishing Baylor. All of these games should count as L’s.

I can almost guarantee they won’t have any problems Coke tournament time.

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Why can Iowa State play games with walk-ons, but Baylor can’t?

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Eventually doesn’t it have to begin to be considered a lack of institutional control that they can’t keep out of covid troubles?

Eventually it has to be admitted that they are getting an advantage by not having to face so many other Big 12 teams. There had better be a serious effort to reschedule these games.

Can’t help but to think some of this is intended. I mean if I was 2nd in the country and had an excuse not to play games in a ■■■■ good conference which I had a chance to loose some games down the stretch it wouldn’t shock me to think shady Baylor would🤷‍♂️.

…because they are in texascede…